The CCHOA Board frequently receives questions from Chestnut Creek residents about a variety of issues. This page is a collection of those questions and answers for all Chestnut Creek residents. If you have a question for the Board, please email president@chestnutcreek.org.


Does the Chestnut Creek Homeowners’ Association have any covenants or restrictions?

The Chestnut Creek HOA does not have any covenants or restrictions. The membership options and costs are listed on the CCHOA page on our website (www.chestnutcreek.org).

Are there any restrictions or guidelines for building storage/garden sheds in Chestnut Creek?

Chestnut Creek doesn’t have any covenants regarding buildings on your property, so the default is to follow the Cobb County codes and ordinances. You can find more information on the Cobb County Community Development website.  Aside from that, you may want to discuss your plans with the neighbors that adjoin your property so that it doesn’t create any negative tension down the road.

What is Chestnut Creek’s policy on door-to-door solicitation?

While Chestnut Creek does not have a specific policy for or against door-to-door solicitors, the Cobb County Police Department offers the following information on how individuals and neighborhood associations can deal with solicitors. Read More…