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2017 Outside User Packet, SAYOR Form and Pool Rules

2017 Chestnut Creek HOA Outside User Packet

2016 Outside User Packet

2016 Chestnut Creek HOA Outside User Packet

2016 SAYOR Form and Pool Rules

2016 Chestnut Creek HOA SAYOR Form and Pool Rules

Pool Update – August 2013

It is hard to believe there is less than one month to go for the 2013 pool season L As the pool time comes to a close, here are a few reminders and updates:

  • The last day of the pool season is Sunday, September 15th. Please check the Lost & Found for towels, clothing and/or pool toys your family may have left behind. On September 16th, all items in Lost & Found will either be thrown out or donated.
  • I know we got off to a rocky start with the diving board and we are searching for a new board which will fit into our limited HOA budget. Chestnut Creek divers really know how to wear out a diving board and one day, I expect to see one of our own win a Gold Medal in the Summer Olympics! Once we do install a new board, please remember the following diving board rules:
    • Only one diver at a time is permitted on the board.
    • Divers must dive or jump using one bounce.
    • Divers must dive or jump straight off the end of the board. Do not jump/dive off the side of the board.
    • The area under the board must be clear of swimmers before diving or jumping.
    • Do not hang from underneath the diving board. This puts too much stress on the board.
  • With school back in session, the pool closes at 8pm Sun-Thurs. SAYOR hours are in effect Monday-Friday all day. Lifeguard hours are Sat & Sun through September 1st. Labor Day will be the last day for lifeguards. September 2-15th will be SAYOR hours only.

Finally, Chip, Mike and I want to extend our best wishes to the next members of the Pool Committee. No one has stepped forward, yet, to join this committee but I have great faith that one day, (hopefully sooner, rather than later J), a few neighbors will come together and take the reigns at Chestnut Creek Pool. We will be around in the off season to help with the transition and look forward to another great pool season beginning May 17, 2014!

Take Care!
Sarah Coffey